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About Us

Acme Impex Ltd is specialised in the supply of precision engine parts, cylinder heads, engine kits, gasket sets, piston kit etc. Our products undertake a rigorous twenty four points test rating.

Acme Impex identified an opportunity to provide quality products to the automotive industry and carefully started sourcing products from ISO 9000 certified suppliers.  Acme realized the need to implement quality check process so the trade customers and end-users could safely rely on. Acme worked with reputed engine reconditioners and engine specialist through out the country to desing robust 24-point quality checks process for cylinder heads. All the products undergo a standard quality check process.

We strongly believes to deal through distribution newtork. To support different dealers and distributor network we have selected to partner with leading back end system for logistics processing engine. This is coupled with local distribution model to facilitate faster product delivery. With an established network of engine reconditioners, Acme Impex is able to respond quickly on any service call and provide satisfactory service.

A comprehensive after sales service and warranty support is also available across the entire product range.

Bar coded labelled cylinder head range which allows distributors ease while handlging the shipments. Tailored bar coded packaging can be manufactured and implemented to suit different requirements. With necessary systems in place Acme is leading towards ISO 9000 implemantation.

Acme's passion to service a wide market has led to additional export markets that include Spain, Columbia, Iran, Portugal, Fiji, Samoa, Tahiti, Tonga and Sri Lanka.

Acme Impex is leading supplier of cylinder heads and engine parts through established e-Stores. We deal with complete range of bare and complete cylinder heads, gaskets and engine parts for light and heavy duty, petrol and diesel vehicles.

“Just a Click Away” trading house for precision automotive engine and engineering parts. Aptly using our experience and qualifications to analyse and grasp customer’s requirement, we offer the best cost effective solution in the shortest period of time. (‘Just a Click Away’)

e-Stores: Acme follows a well defined sales strategy that has been and will be implemented throughout all our present and future E-stores. We strongly believe that the success of a state of the art e-commerce trading house is dependant on the products being brought to customer’s door step. Moreover our E-stores are designed such that distributors can check  product information, prices and inventory levels within the network. You can also download our current catalogues and specials through these stores and also keep track of items you have purchased. We continuously update the website with latest tools and features to give our customers a better experience and enhance security and privacy.

We currently run e-stores in New Zealand and Australia which are running very successfully and soon starting similar operations in other countries



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